18 Tricks Commercial Cleaning Services Don’t Want You To Know

Do you ever wonder how the commercial cleaning experts bring out that sparkling look on properties they work on? Well, there are countless cleaning tricks you could use to make your home look clean like it was done by the commercial cleaning services.

This will not only help you save the time and money you’d have spent looking for and hiring the best commercial cleaning services. It will also allow you more time to spend doing other chores and bond with your family.

It has been scientifically proven that cleaning helps in stress relieve. This is because it acts as a perfect alternative for meditation. This fact makes it worthwhile. You get to do two things at the same time that is you can relieve stress and at the same time have some cleaning done.

Household chores can make someone tired. When you work nonstop and with so much to do, it could make you so tired that keeping your house clean could prove to be a difficult thing to do. However, it is good to note how important cleanliness and housekeeping are. A clean house protects you and your family from germ related illnesses and therefore because of that, we checked out many blogs and watched several videos on cleaning and came up with a compilation of ways to clean your house, easily and effectively.

These tips that we are giving you are effective in that they have been tested and proven to be true. Some have used them and have agreed with us. They will not only save on your cleaning time but also remove stains that you never thought would go away. You should rest assured that these tips are cost-friendly, easy to follow and effective.

Here are Eighteen of the easiest and cleverest cleaning tricks that will make your life way easier!

18. Clean the windows easily.

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For cleaning your windows, you will need Sodium Bicarbonate, cleaning cloth, hot water, and liquid soap. Mix the hot tap water with a little dishwashing detergent in a container.

Lightly soak the cleaning cloth in this liquid, and apply baking soda on the whole baking sheet.

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Using your soapy rag, spin half of the water then put it with the baking soda on the oven door.
Allow it to rest there for 15 minutes as you gently rub the glazed surfaces.

17. Whitening an old pillow.

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There’s nothing that can be as disgusting as a white pillow turned yellow. It’s unsightly, and nobody wants to use them anymore.
You shouldn’t throw it away so soon anyway. You can always use borax, laundry detergent powder, and dish detergent to help your pillows regain the lost glory.
It’s simple, check if your pillow can be washed. If it’s possible, remove its protector or cover then boil water in a Pan.
Into the water, add 1/2 cup of borax, and 1 cup dish detergent. Mix them thoroughly then transfer this mixture into a large container that can comfortably hold the pillows.
Add 1 cup chlorine then let the pillow soak in the mixture for half an hour You can then remove the cushions then put them in the washing machine to complete the cleaning.

16. Cleaning the toilet bowl edges with just vinegar.

source: Instagram

Toilet bowl edges can be a tough place to clean with tough stains. But with vinegar and white paper towels the job becomes very easy.

What to do:

Soak the paper towels in the vinegar then place them under your toilet bowl edges.

Leave them there for a couple of hours then remove and rub the edges to clean them.

15. Cleaning your iron box using salt.

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Did you know that your iron can also collect dirt over time? Such buildup often comes from cloth stains, gunk which is transferred from the clothes to the iron as well as melted buttons, etc.
You don’t need to use any sharp object to scrub these dirt particles. You only need a teaspoon of table salt, and you’re good to go
Here’s how to clean irons with table salt;

Step 1: Warm the iron until the residues start to become soft.

Step 2: Sprinkle the salt on a piece of paper.

Step 3: Run the iron on the piece of paper with salt for a couple of times to break the residues and stains. Step 4: Let the iron to cool. Step 5: Wipe the iron with a clean, soft piece of cloth.

14. Remove a stain on the carpet using an iron.

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Are you worried about stains lowering your carpet´s aesthetic appeal? You will only need an iron, hot water, non-fading clean towels pack, ammonia, and a spray bottle to clean the carpet. Either way, you may also need a pet stain carpet cleaner to remove the stains if they were due to pet stains.

Step 1: Preheat your iron.

Step 2: Mix hot water with ammonia.

Step 3: Transfer the hot water with ammonia mixture to a spray bottle.

Step 4: Sprinkle the mixture on the stains on your carpet.

Step 5: Spread a clean towel on the regions in which you sprinkled the mixture.

Step 6: Move a hot iron on the towel slowly. You can repeat this procedure for more than one round if the stains are more difficult to remove.

If the stains were due to pet urine, you will need a pet urine carpet cleaner to get the job done easily.

13. Removing hard water stains from taps and sink.

source: bringitoncleaner.com

Hard water deposits often leave unsightly marks in sinks and faucets. Vinegar is one of the best hard water stain removers which can help you remove these dirt spots and make the sinks spotlessly clean again.
To do this, take a piece of cloth, and dip it in vinegar juice. Place the fabric on the unsightly hard water deposits then let it soak the region for around one hour.
After that, use a sponge to scrub the weakened deposits.

12. cleaning your grout lines and have them appear like brand new.

source: maidsailors.com

The tile grouts are another element in the home, which can be so unattractive when dirty. It shouldn’t stress you, though.
To make them sparkling clean again, you will need baking soda, water, vinegar solution, and an old toothbrush. Make a thick paste of the baking soda then apply it to your grout lines.
After that, spray the grout lines with the vinegar solution and water After it has stopped bubbling, use the old toothbrush to scrub the lines.

This is an amazing tips, especially when cleaning a tiled bathroom.

11. Keeping the dishwashers sparkling clean.

source: Instagram

They are a lot of dishwasher cleaning tips on the internet but not all of them are effective. The best way to clean a dishwasher is by using baking soda, and white vinegar. To keep the dishwasher clean, there are up to three steps that you will follow.

Step 1: Check your drain hose.

Step 2: Cycle the drain hose with vinegar, and

Step 3: Cycle it with baking soda.

The baking soda and white vinegar which you’ll be using to clean these appliances work by deodorizing the dishwasher, disinfecting it and also clearing the grease. Here’s how to clean the dishwashers;

Pull the dishwasher’s bottom rack. Inspect the drain area, and check if it has any hard particles.

Fill its safe container with white vinegar then put it on top of the rack of this unit. Using the hottest water setting, run the cycle, and once it’s complete, spray a lot of baking powder at the unit’s bottom.

From there, start the unit using a short hot-water cycle. If you discover mold growths in the dishwasher, you will add 1 cup chlorine to the bottom of the unit, and then start a short hot-water cycle to run it through.
Before carrying out this procedure, check to confirm that the dishwasher’s interior is not made of stainless steel. Only use chlorine when it’s not made of stainless steel as chlorine would react with it to make it rust.

*it’s important to take note that stainless steel interior dishwasher could rust by using chlorine hence avoid chlorine if the dishwasher has such an interior.

10. Remove rust stains on knives and silverware using lemon juice.

source: creeklinehouse.com

Most households struggle to remove rust stains in most house appliances like the knives, and silverware. It shouldn’t stress you, though. Lemon juice is a reliable option for removing rust stains.

Simply, pour lemon juice into a tall glass that can fully cover the knives and the affected silverware. Push them into them in the liquid and let them rest in there for around 15 minutes.

You may need to let them rest in there for more time if all the rust stains have not yet fallen off.

9. Cleaning fan blades using pillowcases.

source: homemakerchic.com

If your fan blades collect a lot of dust, they can quickly scatter dust into your room dirtying the furniture and even exposing you to some allergic reactions. This accumulated dirt is also tough to clean.

No problem though. An old pillowcase with a ladder will help you do the trick. Use a ladder to reach the fan, then clean the blades using the old pillowcase.

8. Removing tough stains on the stove burner grates.

source: thekitchn.com

The tough stains can sometimes be a bit ‘annoying,’ and unpleasant to look at. They’re primarily due to grease and oil spatters which are heated continuously until they form a dirty spatters coat which is very difficult to remove.
It shouldn’t stress you, though. You only need ammonia to get rid of these coats.
To do this, clean the burner grates using ammonia. Insert the dirty grates in a Ziploc bag that has ammonia in it then leave it outside for a night.
The ammonia fumes will react with all the dirt to eliminate them.

7. Clearing dry water stains from the faucet.

source: cuteasafox.com

To remove dry water stains from your faucet, you will need paper towels and vinegar Soak the paper towel in the vinegar and then wrap it around your faucet.

Let it rest there for around half an hour to one hour then wipe them clean.

6. Eradicate stink mildew from the towels.

source: macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

We all hate the mildew stinks on the towel, but then most folks find it a bit challenging to remove this stink. A cup of vinegar should help you remove the stink.

In removing mildew odor from clothes, you will clean the fabric in a washer using the hot cycle then add the vinegar. If you complete the first cycles but still not competent that the smell has gone away, be sure to rewash it.

For this next round, do not use the vinegar. Instead, use a half cup of sodium bicarbonate.

5. Remove bad smell from the grinder using lemon and vinegar ice cubes.

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When you use the grinder continuously, its blade becomes blunt and retains the contents of what it was grinding, making it release foul odors. Getting rid of these smells is super easy.

You only need ice cubes to keep the blades sharp, clean, and clear that bad smell. Here’s how to go about this

Place small pieces of lemon in your ice cube pans, fill them with vinegar then place it in the freezer. Once the ice cubes have formed put them in the shredder and let them do the work.

4. Repairing wood scratches on your furniture.

source: domesticblisssquared.com

Discarding scratched wooden furniture isn’t a bright idea. You can always help it regain its brand new appearance using olive oil and vinegar.

This is one of the best hardwood scratch repair procedures. To do this, you will need to get a half cup of olive oil and half cup vinegar. Mix them.

Lightly soak a piece of cloth in the mixture then use it to scrub the patches and watch in awe as your furniture is transformed once more. Use this mixture to remove scratches from wood furniture of any type.

3. Making the grills non-stick.

source: jennieo.com

Scrapping off food particles on the grill is one of the most bothersome tasks which most homeowners struggle to deal with. Must the food residues remain on the grill anyway?

Definitely, no! Here’s a smart way to make the grills non-stick.

Before grilling any burger patties, be sure to rub an onion on your grill. It’s recommendable that you do this on a hot grill, so it’s easy to remove the residues already stuck there and also to loosen them.

You should rub the onion with a fork.

2. Sanitizing your sponges.

source: brainjet.com

The cleaning sponges are known to keep a lot of bacteria in them, which can easily cause infections. Even the best cleaning sponge can keep bacteria in it. To get rid of these bacteria on your sponges, you will put them in the microwave for some minutes.

To do this, ensure the sponge is wet, and then put it in the microwave for around two minutes. For maximum protection from the bacteria, be sure to do this procedure daily.

1. Showerhead cleaning.

source: areal-lifehousewife.com

Showerheads tend to accumulate a lot of dirt when used over a long time. To enhance the quality of their service, and help them stand the test of time, you need to clean them regularly.

Right off the bat, here’s how to restore them to brand new condition. Using a plastic bag, secure white vinegar to the showerhead with the help of an elastic band.

Allow it to soak for one hour, and then wipe it with a wet cloth. If the showerhead is too dirty, you may need to let the mixture soak it for an extended period.

Try the above tips and see how great they work. By applying them you will not need to get commercial cleaning services or expensive detergents and even stain removers. Using the above tips will make you enjoy cleaning as you can see immediate results, spend minimal time cleaning and at the same time use little energy.